Urgent - PAPGJC Meeting in February

Urgent - PAPGJC Meeting in February

For Members Attention & URGENT Response

The upcoming meeting of PAPGJC - the Joint Committee of Airlines and Travel Agents representatives, is scheduled to assemble mid February 2017.

If your Association desires that UFTAA raise certain Principal Issue, please forward the details by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the earliest in order for UFTAA to fully understand the background of your problem, and have enough time to study, understand and prepare prior to presentations at the Meeting.

UFTAA will present these issues in your name and on your behalf.

The relevant topics for PAPGJC Forum are:

  • Principal issues regarding the procedures between IATA, Airlines and the Travel Agents
  • Management and urgent problems in the local APJCs
  • IATA proposals of resolutions which are relevant to your country that are about to be submitted in October
  • 2015 PAConf meeting
  • Any other topic that you consider is of importance to you


Yossi Fatael