May 2020 - COVID-19 : May 2020 Update from UFTAA

PAPGJC - Passenger Agency Programme Global Joint Council has been established to manage the agent / airline relationship, provide a consultation forum for Conference decisions and jointly promote the IATA Passenger Agency Programme to airlines and agents. UFTAA is on the Global Joint Council of IATA and regularly debates with the Airlines and IATA on resolutions that are proposed, from time to time. Prior to the resolution on proposed resolutions, the proposals are debated at the PAPGJC meetings where UFTAA delegate debate actively. UFTAA has been most regular in attending all such meetings. The last such meeting, with presence of PAPGJC delegates was in Geneva during February, 2020.


Post COVID-19, we are now involved with PAPGJC meetings on a regular basis. Never before so many PAPGJC meetings are held over conference calls with IATA; Airline Representatives and Agency Representatives in active deliberation. The last of such meeting was on Thursday, the 14th May, 2020 and the next one that is scheduled is on Thursday, the 21st May, 2020.

UFTAA’s recent note on the updates on certain IATA matters is attached here (Attachment)

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