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UFTAA ID Card is an important TRAVEL INDUSTRY PASS (TIP) for every travel, tourism and related industry professional, with UFTAA membership.

It is well recognized and an absolute identity for leaders on the move.

Our nominated representative Member from Associations, Institutions and Affiliates are given complimentary ID Card – a great value for UFTAA membership. Association members get two complimentary ID Cards for their two main representatives (President & Secretary General or any other officer).

Institution Members get two complimentary ID Cards for their representative nominees.

Affiliate Members get one complimentary ID card for their representative nominee on UFTAA.

Additional Cards can be also given to other members of the Association/Institution and Affiliate at a nominal cost as given below.

ID CARD FEES (for additional member nominees from our members)

a) Classic ID Card : ONE-Year Validity ❑ €35 NET TO UFTAA

b) Classic ID Card : TWO-Year Validity ❑ €60 NET TO UFTAA