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UFTAA supports IATA in important industry training programs focused on “Building the Future”. In a fast growing large service industry with over 3.5 Billion passengers being flown; over 60 million employed with aviation and many more pursuing their business and careers in the travel & tourism industry, UFTAA promotes training and upgrading skills as an important global need to manage the 100% growth estimated in the next 12 years.

​The IATA-UFTAA foundation courses jointly offered by IATA with UFTAA are the most complete travel and tourism training programs designed for those who desire to seek IATA qualification that can help in accreditation of travel agencies UFTAA is a good connect for those seeking to establish IATA’s Authorized Training Centre’s.

Connect to IATA Training Opportunities & IATA’s Training Catalogue and use the same link as is now. If you need any assistance, please contact,